Dounia Mahammed & Roos Nieboor

summer residency, Vooruit

Often praised for her virtuous juggling with word, sound and rhythm, Dounia Mahammed is incredibly sensitive to language, humour and ability to think visually. She has a genuine interest in social matters, philosophical reflections and the poetry of the everyday, and translates that into shows, revealing her desire to say something about mankind and being human. Like Mahammed, Roos Nieboer fiddles with loose associations between word, image and meaning, enabling her to smoothly trigger the spectators’ imagination. Searching for how she can grasp reality just a bit more, she integrates themes such as public space, social interaction and ‘normal’ vs ‘absurd’ play in her performances, texts and textile works.

In ‘PANIC & OTHER ATTACKS’, Mahammed and Nieboer search for recipes that can safe us in hazardous situations. Jumping from thoughts to thoughts such as ‘What can one do when one has a panick attack? What can one do when one is being attacked by a polar bear? Is that even an appropriate question? Shouldn’t the question be: what can one do in order to stay ahead of the polar bear’s imminent attack?’ As ever, Mahammed draws energy from her characteristically associative method: one thing quickly and surprisingly leading to another, while always in doubt and in awe of the world

Discover a glimpse of their moving-music-and-text-work during the public moment on 28 August. We advise you to book your seat in advance as capacity is limited.

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Part of the Gouvernement at Vooruit-residency programme

Supported by Vooruit and Stad Gent / Cultuur Gent