Gouvernement is a nomadic platform grown out of the former multidisciplinary Ghent arts venue of the same name. It supports young and searching makers and focuses on long-term trajectories with room for cross-pollination and trial & error. By entering into broad and sustainable partnerships, development and presentation opportunities are set up for this purpose in diverse contexts.

Gouvernement makes all artistic decisions in close consultation with the artistic table. This is a group of profiles who have long been associated with Gouvernement in various ways. The table consists of Vincent Focquet, Marie Umuhoza, Julie Daems, Simon Baetens, Mert Sen, Lauren Borremans and Nele Keukelier.


Nele Keukelier – general coordination

Lauren Borremans – communication and more

Vincent Focquet – BREAKFASTCLUB


Board & general Assembly

Bram Van Oostveldt, Klaartje Oerlemans, Kristof Blom, Simon Baetens, Elsemieke Scholte, Lise Thomas en Lies Vanborm

Artistic table

Vincent Focquet, Marie Umuhoza, Julie Daems, Mert Sen, Simon Baetens, Lauren Borremans, Nele Keukelier


Timo Bonneure, design & development
Arthur Haegeman, development


Gouvernement thoughtfully invests in meaningful collaborative projects and valuable partnerships, as every project has its specific needs. Besides our long-term partnership with Arts Centre VIERNULVIER, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, KASK and IOA (International Opera Academy) we collaborate on a temporary base with CAMPO, Beursschouwburg, De Studio, de t h e a t e r m a k e r, Decoratelier, NTGent, Kaap, Toneelhuis, Kaaitheater, Theaterfestival, TAZ, Larf!, Kopergietery, Kunsthal Gent, SKI, Mais Quelle Chanson, LUCA School of Arts…

Support & partners