Salut Copain - Dounia Mahammed

Theatre / with Vooruit

Sun 19.03 → 15:00-15:50

Salut Copain by Dounia Mahammed
‘Salut Copain’ is Dounia Mahammed’s graduation project from the Drama department of KASK Ghent. In the show she uses language as a medium to philosophize, dream, draw, waver, and question, on stage. Inspired by the work of writers Daniil Charms and Paul Auster, she creates a virtuoso game of identity and difference. “I think I ask questions, but the questions ask me” is how Dounia puts it.
The show was first performed at Gouvernement (Ghent) in the summer of 2015. In 2016, Dounia starred in Theater aan Zee, where she won the SABAM Young Theatre Writer Price. This was followed by a tour with BLAUWDRUK as preliminary its final stop.
Text, play and directions: Dounia Mahammed – inspired by: texts by Daniil Charms, Paul Auster, Jozef van de Berg and others – coaching: Tine Van Aerschot – production: wpZimmer (Antwerp) – supported by: KASK, Gouvernement, Griet Boddez, Simon D’Huyvetter, Seppe Decubber, Anjana Dierckx, Brecht Vermeersch, Mira Bryssinck, Silke Huysmans, Wannes Gyselinck & Simon Allemeersch – English translation: Hannes Dereere & Dounia Mahammed – French translation: Jérôme Michez – Image © Inge Baes
Tickets 12 € presale (8 € RED)
Information (in Dutch)
This performance is also on Saturday March 18.
Organised by Vooruit and Gouvernement, as part of the Blauwdruk festival