Fallon Mayanja

Sound artist and performer, Fallon explores new ways of listening, with the aim of cultivating alternative understandings and perceptions of self, others and environments. Disrupting conventional approaches within immersive sonic explorations, and manifesting the relationship between fictional existences and cultural experiences, the work taps into voices, rhythms, sonic cosmologies, and vibrations of multiple worlds. Through narratives that have survived Chaos, the artist constructs poetical club landscapes and support systems of black diasporic experience.
“Masculine” is a performance that lays on rewritings of Julius Eastman compositions “Masculine” put in dialogue with propositions from Bell Hooks book “The Will to Change”. Showing up at borders, it works on an exploration of political sounds and bodily languages. This resistance to both predetermined categories and imposition provides the framework for an incredibly generative practice. A radical attempt to articulate another future.