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Opening Night, REST

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In the framework of Night Shift in Opera Ghent, the queer collective Bebe Books joined forces with the open cultural platform Manoeuvre, located in the Ghentian neighbourhood Rabot. In collaboration, they made banners by hand, inspired by the queer history of opera. Together with the people of Manoeuvre who co-created the banners, the collective ZUIDPARK, who were on the Night-Shift line-up too, and the brass quintet of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, they festively open the program of REST with a parade. When the parade enters the space of REST, it transforms into an evening of spoken word, music and performances.
NIGHT SHIFT TV Bebe Books & Zuidpark

©Annemie Augustijns

Gouvernement & Opera Ballet Vlaanderen
REST is located in the peristyle of Opera Ghent, right behind the open doors. In the middle of the space, an installation by Decoratelier defines a semicircle. This structure is a trace of Night Shift. An event by Gouvernement and Opera Ballet Vlaanderen that couldn’t take place, but the scenography remained courageously and helped transform the space to REST. The space is a remnant, but it is a public resting point too. And for now, it is especially a space for re-opening. 
During three weekends in June, REST turns into a platform for presentation. On the programmation, there are some collectives that should have performed during Night Shift, but new connections are made too. That gives rise to a diverse programmation for which music is always central, but from that centre of gravity, the projects fan out to all corners of the artistic spectrum. 
By Gouvernement & Opera Ballet Vlaanderen With Bebe Books, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Cassiel Gaube, Femke Gyselinck, HE4RTBROKEN, House of Lux, Mama’s Open Mic, Mozart Intiem, Sing Out! – Johannes Müller / Philine Rinnert, Victoria Deluxe and Zuidpark