Bebe Books & Friends

part of Night Shift at Decoratelier – 02-04-2022

Bebe Books and FriendsĀ 

Bebe Books is a queer collective based in Ghent. The collective started as an independent publisher but became more active in community-based practices such as organizing queer events.

For Night Shift at Decoratelier, Bebe Books will bring their friends to the party, making sure everyone is having the nicest time possible by planning enchanting interventions by queer artists. No-one spices up an evening like the folks from Bebe Books, so be on the look-out.


Hymen is a regular girl in a sad world. She identifies as a lost soul and an expression of femininity. As she is wrapped up in her own reality of disappointment and long dreams, she invites you into this realm of emotions through song, so that you too, could feel.


With a lot of humor and sarcasm, Prigari, young writer, musician and singer, is gonna be here this Saturday to introduce their work before the drop of their first EP “Daddy Disco Dark” this fall. This unknown popstar lets you enter into their universe, built around electronic music, self-mockery and cultural references where you’re invited to see a show but most of all, to enjoy the moment and dance with them on this futuristic pop music. Everything is in French but don’t worry, it’s catchy enough to feel the moment even if you don’t understand a word.


Rene Aguilera (She/her/they/them) is a contemporary dancer and a Mamore, Queer Indigineous Sout-American descendant. In her performance work, she works around identity, antiracist activism and sensuality.

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