Magdalena Collective

residency, NWNM

at Campo Victoria

The feminist Magadalena Collective gets to work with the bachelor collection of fashion student Lynn Van Hoydonck. Her body of work investigates and questions the construction of identity in a consumer society. How does identity relate to consumption? And to possession?

Magdalena Collectief and Van Hoydonck will be looking for a dialogue, actions and characters that will bring these clothes to live. How can a certain constructions be made visible and tangible.

The result will be captured on film at KASK & Conservatorium Gent. Het eindresultaat wordt op film vastgelegd in de lokalen van KASK & Conservatorium Gent.

Play: Musia Mwankumi, Abigail Gypens, Maria de Cort

Regie: Emiel Lenaert & Lynn Van Hoydonck© Anna Van Durme (ZOUT, a performance by Magdalena Collective)