Magdalena Collectief

residency, NWNM

When rivers encounter rocks their streams lift up, running up and over them. This creates a small enclosure, completely surrounded by streaming water. It’s moist, but not wet — damp, but not submerged. In a very similar way a vacuum can exist in the flow of time: a bubble outside of time, yet also drenched in it. Three Little Friends live in this timeless space, trying to make sense of the snippets of another reality that end up there. Lacking context and expierence the three Little Friends play with meaning and intention, investigating the implications of being seen and not being seen, of watching and not watching, of holding and not holding. Please, keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times and don’t fret: the bolts will hold, for now.

The Magdalena Collectief is young, Ghent based, feminist and four headed. The drama collective consists of Maria de Cort, Musia Mwankumi, Abigial Gypens and Madonna Lenaert, four KASK Drama masterstudents. For their master’s thesis they researched the implications of desire and desirability, as a place where abstract systems materialize. The centre of their investigation is questioning how inconspicious systems influence our attraction, our desire, our sex, our bodies and our self-image. Because everything is sex, except sex, which is power.

‘Ever noticed yourself desperate to be rescued? Desperate to be the hero in the situation? Wanting to be loved at the expense of all else? Playing the femme fatale? The happy family? The handsome rebel? The jealous drunk? Nursing a screaming desire to be publicly acknowledged as the one’? Or to run off into the sunset with a new love and leave these suckers behind? Who are these people? Why have they stepped down out of those shitty adverts and turned up here at our kitchen tables affecting the way we say good morning?’

 – Kae Tempest, On Connection