Unpublic Program

workshops, Night Shift/GIF

workshops, talks, debate

Unannounced. At various locations, at various moments.
The composer, activist and scholar Bernice Reagon talked about the meaning of community in 1983. She posed that when people don’t feel safe in society, it’s important for hem to have a safe place to gather with their social peers. Reagon literally writes about the “barred room.” According to Reagon it’s important to be able to gather with those who also feel unsafe so mutual support can happen. This space also allows us to think further, to dream. When we feel safe, we’re able to look at the outside world with a critical lens, to dream about futures, to enact possible futures and to heal. That is why Nightshift is committed to realise an Unpublic Program. We will be curating some events that will not be announced. The people and collectives we are inviting will have full reign over the activity: they can decide who they invite, where and how they advertise and what will be happening. By doing this, we’re hoping to create a “barred room”, where people can dream, connect, learn and grow. We have faith in the expertise of those we invite and give them full agency.
Curated by Emiel Lenaert with o.a. Kapinga Muela Kabeya, House of Lux, Martha Balthazar & Gina Beuk.