Mais Quelle Chanson & Parcoeur

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website Mais Quelle Chanson – VZW Stappen/Parcoeur

Thursday 27/01
Location: Kazematten, Kazemattenstraat 17, 9000 Gent
Starting time: 19h

Reserve your seat here (free admission)
Vzw Mais Quelle Chanson seeks to share the ‘voice of youth’ with the world. Throughout various trajectories the organisation has put talented artists in touch with many children in Ghent. They were given the chance to transform their thoughts into touching songs which reflect their perspectives on various current topics. Mais Quelle Chanson and the children of the youth choir are eager to share some of these songs with you!
Parcoeur is a project by Vzw Stappen that stimu;ates young people to work with real life stories in a creative way. In the fall of 2021 Parcoeur organised a series of vocal workshops led by Kapinga Gysel (zang) and Stan Vangheluwe (piano). The level of these workshops was surprisingly high and the young participants sparkled during ‘Trick of the Light’, a concert in which they served a cocktail of Pop, R&B and Indie. From Glitter over Glamour to wonder and emotion. It was a night that is at least worth repeating. So they’re given another opportunity during GIF.