Abrikoor - Valentina Tóth & Zuidpark

music/concert, Night Shift

concert, music

Unannounced. At various locations, at various moments.
Abrikoor is a Gent-based choir founded by Valentina Tóth in 2021. It’s a loose gathering of Ghent citizens, students, actors, theater- and filmmakers and artists. As an actrice and musician, she is constantly looking for every possible implementation of the human voice. With this initiative her goal is to get as many people as possible involved in singing. After all, every voice holds beauty and by using it musically it shows people at their most vulnerable. Abrikoor is home to many styles: from Schubert to Bulgarian folk music.
During Ghent International Festival Abrikoor will hack the GIF-program with these unannounced and unexpected choral interventions.