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© Elisabeth Klinck
It’s better to stick your neck out together instead of alone – at least, that’s the motto of Zuidpark. This multi-headed action group, cloaked as a theatre collective, consists of people from different backgrounds and practice who are stimulated by pursuing the possibilities within and out of their discipline. Their actions come into being partly by believing that a radical crossover inspires and leads to richer, more layered and more relevant work; and partly by deeds with which they explore the words needed to change that what upsets them and is crooked in this world. It’s therefore not a surprise that Zuidpark’s unwillingness to simply abide by obviousness and taboos as well as their clear preference for Astrid Bryan instead of Jan Fabre are both public records. Last but not least, they are the proud owners of the original Samson doll, known for throwing tomatoes, and makers of Quarantaine TV and the family amusement park ‘The Importance of Being Flemish’. 
As for your Night Shift guide, Zuidpark teams up with several OKAN classes from Ghent to welcome the audience in their own fashion. From start to finish, this colourful bunch escorts you and your bubble through the building – bringing you a surprise as their final act.
OKAN classes from Ghent