Post Animale / La 'S' Grand Atelier

Performance, installation, video
Website La ‘S’ Grand Atelier 
© Irène Gérard / La ‘S’ Grand Atelier
An estranged patchwork of colour, textile and movement, Post Animale specialises in improvised dance performances with extraordinary costumes. At times vibrant, bizarre, and layered because of the deviant material, each costume brushes off all measurements considered to be conventional for the human body. Post Animale grew out of the artistic laboratory La ‘S’ Grand Atelier, which was founded in 1992 near Vielsalm. The collective is one of the trajectories of the organisation that fosters a constant exchange between autodidactic artists with development and other disorders and contemporary artists.
With the Redoute room as its epicentre, Post Animale unfolds a tableau vivant shaped as a costume atelier. While the audience walks through the installation, the costumes – handcrafted by Barbara Massart en Pascal Cornelis – are continuously put on and off. Dancers of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen animate the costumes, making the artists’ mesmerizing artistic universe dance by. From here on, Post Aninmale’s world gradually expands to the adjacent spaces. The creators of the costumes, who unfortunately cannot be present due to the current measurements, are digitally attending the event – you can see them on film on the big stage.
Post Animale
Nicolas Clément, Pascal Cornelis, Michiel De Jaeger, Frédéric Ehlers, Anaïd Ferte , Raphaëlle Lenseigne & Barbara Massart.
Ann Vancoillie
Lara Fransen, Misako Kato, Astrid Tinel, Viktor Banka, Aaron Shaw