Leaving Living Dakota x HE4RTBROKEN

Performance, music, installation
Facebook Leaving Living Dakota and HE4RTBROKEN 
Leaving Living Dakota initiates alternative spaces for exchange and encounters around art and music. Wutangu and Golce Dabbana build both a precious community and a powerful network. Their work as promoter and curator in parties, exhibitions and concerts provides queer and POC artists with a space where they can express themselves through fine arts and music. Collaborations with collectives that are driven by the same vision also enable them to create a strong symbiosis between artists and audiences. That’s why they join the Night Shift forces with HE4RTBROKEN, whose mission since 2015 consists of bringing emotions and care back into the club. Focussing on feelings and reinvention, the Brussels-based collective explores the club as a place of communal catharsis and healing experience. It offers a safe haven to the lone souls longing for a dance floor to cry on. 
The collaborative project of Leaving Living Dakota and HE4RTBROKEN originates from the current situation with which similar collectives are confronted due to COVID-19: How can the parties we once knew become, according to the safety measures, converted into an auditory and visual post-club experience for the club audience? The invited artists translate its answer to an immersive club adventure fit for COVID times. Allround musician Lafawndah teams up with poet, philosopher and rapper Chouf for a dazzling live show. After that, the audience is guided to the backstage of the spectacle where Golce Dabbana supplies the beats. Both shows are provided with visuals by VJ Aladdine3000 and with a scenography designed by Arnaud Eubelen and Chloé Arrouy. In an institutionalized space generally created for white and binary music intellectuals and elites, the extraordinary combination of artists and energies allow bodies to float freely.
Live show
Lafawndah and Chouf
Golce Dabbana
Arnaud Eubelen and Chloé Arrouy
Liyo Gong and Célia Lutangu