Wolf Wolf

residency, NWNM

In december ’21 WOLF WOLF (Flor Van Severen, Imke Mol, Mitch Van Landeghem, Naomi van der Horst en Gilles Pollak) gets to work with the text adaption of Spring Awakening (Frank Wedekind 1891). ‘Spring Awakening’ is an emotional coming-of-age on the complexity of sexuality and a step towards adulthood in a tight-lipped society. For this so-called ‘children’s tragedy’ WOLF WOLF works together with actors Soraya van Welsenis, Matthias Van de Brul en klassieke muzikante en actrice Valentina Tóth.

“We are watching series, documentaries and films, read books, stories, essays and theatre plays eventually leading to the rewriting of this classic piece. We do research into overlaps, starting from our own experiences on sexuality and growing up in today’s world.

During this writing process, we are joined by contemporary electronic/jazz musician Gilles Vandecaveye-Pinoy, costumer/theatre maker Lieselot Siddiki and architect/scenographer Shervin Sheikh Rezaei. On their own turn these three will translate the text to musical compositions and a theatrical scenography.