Pieter-Jan Verheyen & Mats Wosky

residency, NWNM/Konnektor

Part of Konnektor

The former cycling race track of Langerbrugge, the velodrome which is now evoked in the park, was for years the base of sporty employees of the electricity plant. In wartime however, the inner area served as a public allotment to cope with food shortage-problems. In their project Werkzaamheden der Maand (Activities of the Month) artists Pieter-Jan Verheyen and Mats Wosky dive into this particular piece of history. They investigate several connections between cultural heritage, short chain supply ethics, the impact of historic and current soil pollution and the social values of public allotment gardening.

By the end of June Mats en Pieter-Jan will settle in the neighbourhood. As an announcement for their project, they will distribute packets of seeds as a nod to the velodrome`s unknown past. If you have information, stories or pictures feel free to share with them. You can find them in the Konnektor-workspace, Burggravenlaan 12, 9040 Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge.

After they collected and processed their research material they will undertake some actions on the field of the former racetrack. The idea is to re-activate the old allotment spatially in the here and now. What could be the significance of this iconic place of togetherness for tomorrow. They’re certainly open to your suggestions and participation.

Pieter-Jan & Mats are actively seeking for sources, stories and images out of this era.  If can you help them, please send a mail to: velodroom@konnektor.be

More info on the project and the artists