Valentina Tóth

residency, NWNM

Valentina Tóth is an actress, a theater maker and a musician. She sings, plays the piano and writes songs. TTóth has been active as an actrice and theatermaker in The Netherlands and Flanders since she graduated at RITCS (Brussels). She performed with and created for De Toneelschuur, Het Houten Huis, Theater Antigone, Theatre National de Bruxelles, Kopergietery en WOLF WOLF. In the TV-show ‘De Tiende Van Tijl (NPO2)’, she has been the resident piano player during season 3, 4 and 5. Besides, Toth released two albums on the Challenge Classic-label. The first record got awarded with a Diapason D’or award.

In her work she holds a multi-voiced approach, constantly looking for a mix of classical music, cabaret and text-based theater.