Matilde Casier

residency, NWNM

Imagine: A group of people gather in a black box. They think they are in an obscure paradise. Because in this darkness everything is imagined brilliant.

If this is the case, we believe this performance isn’t worth the effort to focus on for even only one hour. (Blaise Pascal, ‘Thoughts’)

How does a collective group relate to a so-called dark, eternal and undefined space, that denies its own existence and presents itself as a ‘non-space’. Can we still get to know ourselves in this systematic denial of the dark spaces in which we find ourselves.

By shedding an ‘earthy blue’ light on it, the group tries to rediscover the black box, as an undeniable place, as a fellow player, as a blue note, as a force towards inflection and connectedness.

…the other night I dreamed of visiting her (The Princess of Blue) in her forest. In the dream she was sitting cross-legged as I was, but she levitated. She wasn’t a deity–it was just that I had sought her and was now her guest. The forest was translucent. We talked. She told me that pollution, too, could be worshipped, simply because it exists. But Eden, she said, there’s no Eden. And this forest where we’re sitting. it doesn’t really exist.

(Maggie Nelson, ‘Bluets’)

Image: Uitgevouwen Blauwe Doos door Lode Pemmelaar