Simen Lambrechts

residency, NWNM

“The residency is an examination of pornography within a documentary approach. This exploration introduces the concept of “industrialized foreplay,” challenging established societal boundaries and norms associated with the portrayal of intimacy. In our quest, we delve into the intricate processes preceding the camera’s lens—casting decisions, the solemnity of consent, the crafting of narratives, and the meticulous artistry that shapes the very essence of studio environments.

We seek to reevaluate the suggestive elements within an explicit context, weaving a narrative that teases at the edges of desire. This is an ongoing exploration, one that resists predefined outcomes, yet we start with the beginning, the development of a script—a script that holds within the power to transform the explicit.

Madonna and Simen’s residency at Gouvernement is an invitation to share in this ongoing exploration, to contemplate the dynamics of tension and arousal in the creation of explicit art. We examine the delicate balance between explicitness and suggestion.”