Roxette Chikau

residentie, NWNM

at KunstZ, Borgerhout

Roxette Chikau, is a young self-taught performer and maker who developed her artistic practise through participating in a variety of projects at KunstZ, Fameus, Moving Ground, Toneelhuis, Roestgroep. With “Paradis: Le monde blanc/modification” she’s working on a transdisciplinary play on the verge of installation art and dance theatre. Roxette uses twisted perspectives that shed a different light on what is considered ‘normal’ in society.  She creates a world in which power roles are inverted and existing norms get challenged. Fusing Afrofuturism en Baroque aesthetics is her way of imagining her own paradise.

In the run-up to the actual creation Roxette Chikua gets inspired by the book Paradis by Toni Morrison , in which the character Ruby identifies above all as a human. Gender and color are beside the point.

During this residency, Chikua is looking to deepen this pre-investigation.

Les vrais paradis sont les paradis qu’on a perdus. Marcel Proust