Rachid Laachir

residency, NWNM

At Gouvernement Studio (De Vooruit)

In order to control life we try to name it, in order to control death we perform it.

In A crock of bull at the crack of dawn theatre maker/performer and designer Rachid Laachir explores metamorphoses. In using the body, the voice, costumes and other objects he creates characters at the intersection of the natural, the human, the magic and the mystic.

A crock of bull at the crack of dawn a revue of small and big emotions. Every scene is an act of love or of violence, an act of the ego or of god, an act of live and dead, een act of importance, an act of boredom. 

Through a collage of actions he’s searching for a universal language, away from ratio, on the road to insanity. He uses a language of movement and of objects that speak. The image dissolves and builds up, the light breaks on the scene and lights up what breaks.