Noon Collective

residency, NWNM

website / instagram / facebook

NOON is a young multidisciplinary collective that already created a series of performative installations originating from questions around other ways of being together. The collective has been interested in events of entanglement between human and non-human actors, in a morphing of bodies, in creating or rather discovering, some kind of symbiosis. The project tries to imagine how to be together, how to play together, how to dance together and how to rest together ‘on a damaged planet’. This year NOON is working to deepen their understanding of how to create a soft immersive space. For previous works they’ve always worked on formats in which the audience is scattered around in space, being able to move around freely. Now they feel the need to develop this playing together furthermore and are trying to find new methods of inviting the audience and composing together. This research will enfold in several try outs during the year and is at the same time a starting point for a new performative installation.