Nachtzwemmen - Lieselot Siddiki & Jarne Van Loon

residency, NWNM

“Nachtzwemmen (Nightswimming) is a party in the shape of a performance, a performance in the form of a play. We conducted an investigation into nightlife, ecstasy and intoxication. Nightly distraction and the freedom that comes with it has been denied to all of us in the past year. For the good of course, but WE’RE ABOUT TO EXPLODE! Just as many of us we are eager to pick up partying, creating AND presenting work again.

We are a diverse bunch of people with a shared passion for entertainment, glitter & show but are just as well socially engaged. The eventual performance will be a boisterous combination of both elements. To quote Sharon Needles: ‘My drag is a funhouse reflection of society’.

During this week in the studio we solidified the theoretical foundation of the project and brought together a group of people for the first time. We got to know each other’s practice and held an introductory brainstorm. We looked at references together, shared texts and drew up a preliminary schedule.”

(Lieselot Siddiki and Jarne Van Loon)