Mustaf Ahmeti

residency, NWNM

Mustaf Ahmeti (1995°) is a non-binary performance artist born in Pristina, Kosovo. Last year they graduated as a Drama-Master at KASK, Ghent. Besides acting, Mustaf’s practice also translates into physically abstract visual work and performance. By exploring the body as the central research area, Ahmeti aims, through rituals, to dismantle the divide between the human and ‘the strange’ and between the human and nature. By disconnecting from ideologies, values and norms in order to (re-)discover ourselves and therefore ‘the strange’.

Mustaf intents to search for ways of bringing hybrid bodily forms on stage. More specifically they departs from the figure/archetype of the satyr out of mythological stories and religious tables to tackle identity en age old concepts of the human in relation to the zeitgeist in which we live. What does it mean to live an authentic life and be seen at the same time?

According to David Wojnarowicz one only finds comfort by seeing representations of private experiences in the public realm. He claims that by ‘breaking the silence on certain issues, the indescribable gains the force to penetrate taboos. By speaking about the unspoken, the invisible becomes visible and a certain closeness occurs in ‘the strange’.