Maya Dhondt

residency, NWNM

Maya Dhondt makes music under the moniker Wendy. She has been struggling with the static nature of her live performances: A whole arsenal of synthesizers and a computer bring about a somehow impenetrable veil between the performer and the audience. Synths are heavy, plump and immobile. And with it’s addictive screenlight the laptop draws way too much attention. These issues lie at the basis of Maya’s residency that will develop in two ways:

The music itself has been evolving since the previous show. New songs demnd a performance with a backing track and live vocals. The gap between the performer and the audience has been narrowed anyway. So the spatial dimension of playing/performing will be investigated with a mirror or a camera during the first days of this residency.

During a previous concert Wendy made use of a PowerPoint-presentation. Performer and public became one by looking at something else. Adding a third factor to the ‘concert soup’ seemed to satisfy Wendy. Therefore she wants to invite various artists so they can investigate possible collaborations. The playing, the tension and the pushing of boundaries between audience, performers, front woman and other front persons’, the concert, an exposition: these are set as the targets of this development process.