Malique Fye

residency, NWNM

Planet Winter is the graduation performance by Bavo Buys and Malique Fye, in collaboration with Martha Balthazar and Matilde Casier. Starting from the science fiction classic ‘The Left Hand of Darkness’ (1969) by Ursula K. Le Guin, they build a story as big as the world it takes place in.

Planet Winter is not a prophecy but a thought experiment. What if a respected politician has to go on the run with an alien figure and together they have to cross 1,300 km of ice? What if a trek is not an adventure? What if the universe fits in a carry-on bag, and the carry-on bag in your left hand? Three players move onto the ice and imagine a future. A future that will never happen and has never taken place, except very briefly on stage.