Lieselot Siddiki & Nona Gallagher

residency, NWNM

Valerie Solanas, a radical feminist writer from the 1960s, wrote the infamous SCUM Manifesto, a work known both for its aggressive tone and sharp analysis. It is a plea to remove men from our society and make way for a better, more equal world.

Every man is an island. Trapped inside himself, emotionally isolated, unable to relate, the male has a horror of civilization, people, cities, situations requiring an ability to understand and relate to people. So like a scared rabbit, he scurries off, dragging Daddy’s little asshole with him to the wilderness, suburbs, or, in the case of the hippy all the way out to the cow pasture where he can fuck and breed undisturbed and mess around with his beads and flute. – SCUM Manifesto