Leonie Buysse & Ellen Vanderstraeten

residency, NWNM

A traveling place for experimentation we called SPA for SPIRITS.

A meeting spot that gives way to intimate and sensory experience,

to be close or nearby,

in times where distancing is becoming a common daily activity.

What else is moving between the distancing? 

What about textures, affects, virtual movements, colors, sounds, extra-sensorial sensations?   

During GIF we grow a SPA for SPIRITS in an empty shop in shopping center Zuid.

come in

linger around


just a little bit longer

sit down, lie down, 

whisper me singing, 

mumble and stumble 

upon me you 

my sausages 

feel with your 

finger toes cheeks or chest 

how soft hard this can be 

nothing is not 

ever changing

patches away 

picnic-ing inn

a border the boundary the little fence 


passing through

SPA for SPIRITS is an artistic project that lands in different spaces and times led by Leonie Buysse & Ellen Vanderstraeten. The formula of the project consists of continuous installations with various performances that work in close encounter and collaboration with its visitors. The spa mutates and grows according to the conditions in which it temporarily nests. Together we question how we interact with each other and our environment on a daily basis. Through experiments we practice different ways of doing and break with an often monotonous and normative world that instructs us to behave in specific ways.