Joshua Smits & Fiene Zasada

residency, NWNM

Joshua Smits and Fiene Zasada are two master students of Drama at the Kask & Conservatory in Ghent. Both have never had a romantic relationship before. This desire and slight obsession serves as the basis for their first performance together. They crave not only a softness or intimacy within a relationship but also a total destruction of the other and themselves, something they probably also romanticise…. They read countless pieces on couples but just couldn’t find the perfect piece. Just like they just can’t find a lover… They are caught up in their own image about romance.

In this performance, both actors are going to imagine a future they think is real. Will their image of a relationship in all its romance and destruction be confirmed? What lies behind that rainbow? That ideal image? Or will the knot be untangled and will we see beauty in the dullness of a relationship? Or will fear of routine and of silence be all that remains?