German Staatstheater

residency, NWNM

At Gouvernement Studio (De Vooruit)

“With German Staatstheater (GST) we want to highlight creation, performance and play in a different way. What if an artist community performs a magnified theatricality that reminds you of great ensembles of the past? We use “German Staatstheater” as a landscape, a background or a style. As inspiration for our research in playing, we start from what American cultural theorist Sianne Ngai describes as ugly feelings. Paranoia, anxiety, irritation and envy are feelings or states in which action is suppressed or blocked. They are also seen as the more passive counterparts of dynamic cathartic feelings like anger or fear. 

Ne mosquito pas (NMP) is a performance platform founded in 2019. Artists from diverse backgrounds create a short solo performance based on their failed ideas, deleted scenes and bad taste. Until now NMP functioned exclusively as a solo platform. After several periods of creation of new solos, we are making a group performance with this group of 40 artists guided by Micha Goldberg and Rosie Sommers.”