summer residency, Vooruit

Graduated within the fields of experimental films, Fairuz works as a film maker, cinematographer, editor and teacher. She often wonders how she can help changing the world and hopes to answer that question as soon as possible. Luckily, she grew up knowing that patience is the key to happiness. Fairuz collects stories and ideas, just like her mother Martine Labaere who in Tunesia has built up an impressive collection of objects such as run over spoons, driftwood, and fishing nets. Together, they research how the collection can be activated in an interaction with the direct surroundings and the public. Both the process and performances will afterwards be integrated in a publication.

Their public moment continues their findings made during a residency at BUDA, Kortrijk, and their first public try out at Perdu, Amsterdam. The public is invited to take part in this intimate voyage through material. As they unpack and discover the found objects, a dialogue between them and the objects is triggered.

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Part of the Gouvernement at Vooruit-residency programme
Supported by Vooruit and Stad Gent / Cultuur Gent