Emiel Vandenberghe

residency, NWNM

The need to master and personify classical ballet as an authentic form has always been there for me as a dancer. I reside to underpin that fascination also as a maker with my own research and with concrete investigations: how I can both do justice to ballet in its purest form and at the same time find the freedom as a contemporary artist to transform that discipline into my own language.

One of the most powerful connections is the primal mother-child form, which even at the cellular level is millions of years older than humanity, a force that seems stronger than ourselves, a natural phenomenon that I strongly experience with my own mother. In the world of ballet, I also feel this: in the image, the presence of the ballerina who is beyond the lifeline of her career, in her wisdom, in a body ‘danced out’ for the ballet world. That image intrigues me immensely and even evokes the obsession that reminds me of the relationship with my own mother.