Clara Lissens

residency, NWNM

Part of  NWNM

Clara Lissens is a multidisciplinary artist who moves between music and visual arts.
 She obtained a Master in Fine Arts from Sint Lucas, Antwerp in 2016,
 and then went on to explore electronic music in an equally experimental and intuitive way. 

In a quest for identity and connection, different music genres and media are touched upon. Meaningfulness is a central theme in Clara’s practice. 

Through ritually inspired performances, she tries to give shape to emptiness. She often translates this emptiness literally by, for example, making inflatable objects that produce high-pitched squeaking noises, empty shells that blow out an unintelligible, abstracted message. 

More specifically, Clara wants to question the mainly individualistic way in which meaning is approached today.
 Playing with her own identity, she tries to create a spiritual and physical meeting place through the tones of experimental pop music.