Charlotte Peys

residency, NWNM

Charlotte Peys does research into the relational and performative character of drawing and writing. Her investigation is about drawing lines, exposing connections that lie at the bottom and the unfolding of space(s). She’s connecting the dots between the human and the non-human, between ‘what was’ and ‘what is’, between fact and fiction, between ‘men’ and environment and in doing so she’s looking for the most suitable form of enabling a conversation.

During this residency Charlotte investigates the possibility of a ritual as a way to strengthen our relationship with what surrounds us. How can we relate, branch out to our environment? To what we care about. Can the performative, relational and speculative character of drawing play a part in this? How do we let the magic of a place spill over into our human thinking? What could a connecting cartography look like?