Anne-Laure Vandeputte

residency, NWNM

Actress and playwright Anne-Laure Vandeputte is working on a new project in which she artistically investigates the complexity of the body in relation to the work of art, with gender experience and performative submission as central themes. With sex worker and erotic entertainer Chiqui Love as her artistic partner, she explores the field of tension between power and submission that is sought during performance. In this way, as a theater and filmmaker, she explores how to give the female body a more complex, authentic status.

‘You know babes, as a woman in this world, you will be objectified either way. You can never just ‘be,’ you have to decide to go with the stereotype, or against it. Do you think I wake up like this? With fake tits, eyelashes, hot lingerie? It’s a costume babes, I dress up as a male fantasy and I make good money out of it.’  – Chiqui