Simon Baetens / Electra

Installation, performance
Get to know Simon better
Having just recently left behind the school desks at KASK Drama, Simon Baetens remains keen on digging into the fascinating relations between identity, originality, pop culture and common references. As co-founder of the drag collective House Of Lux, he has spiced up his practice. Together with his four HOL-companions, he’s putting the drag and queer scene back on the map and helps building and shaping performance art’s language which can be theatrical, entertaining and eye-opening. Neither Mauxe Lux nor Susan From Grindr will be present, instead we’ve got something better: an intimate and intriguing transformation from Simon to Electra, blurring the boundaries between all prep involved and performance and pushing it towards a slow art installation. The elevation of make-up process into an artform, guided by a befitting playlist.