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Get to know Sergeant better
The musical brainchild of actor and theatre maker Ferre Marnef answers to the name Sergeant, with on-stage support by fellow dancer-musicians Jasper Segers and Benjamin Cools. Sergeant walks somewhere between pop music, floral arrangements of loops, lo-fi beats, guitars and synths. A strong live reputation, the band radiates energy thanks to the high improv level and witty performative pantomime. Sergeant has also received multiple awards in the category ‘complex song titles’. Try to say ‘Nothing but words which I or anyone else can turn inside out like a glove’ or ‘The forlorn perplexity of the petty-bourgeois caught up in the wheels of capitalism’ a few times in a row and you’ll get what we mean. Oh, and for the perceptive readers among us: that last one is indeed a quote by renowned Hungarian philosopher Georg Lukács.