Self Luminous Society: Mōtō Kawasaki and Māzdā Matsuri

Get to know SLS better
Besides the description ‘linguistic, metaphysic, mystic lunatics’, Self Luminous Society remains an illustrious thing. Especially for you, they’ve invited Mōtō Kawasaki en Māzdā Matsuri, two “selfish shellfish sellers behaving like fishy tricksters”. Can be added to their list of skills too: hydration, self-care, self-illumination, skin-pressing truths, fish tales and something about gingerroot purification foot soul strips – whatever that means. Or to top it all off: “Yes. All water, silicone, and motorized systems. And make-believe. And we call the water. Waiter. The waiter here is so special. It hydrolysates your engine.”