Maika Garnica & Liew Niyomkarn

Get to know Maika and Liew better
New alliances characterize Night Shift each time. Take Maika Garnica and Liew Niyomkarn for example. She feels at ease relating the environment, the spectator and the artist, as she tries to understand the complex relationship between form and content via prototypes, using the body as her main source for social connections. She, on the other hand, records noise resonating in urban and natural environments, takes the historical roots of geography into account and in his work often refers to rituals and the co-existence between the human and non-human. Their common ground? Interdisciplinary and experimental approaches allowing different contexts and stories to be configured in performances, installations and objects. Mekong is their off-spring: a coalescence of dialogues and ideas, a floating sound bath, the creation of a new physical space through synthetic and natural sources.