Radio Roeien Met Riemen

Live radio
Get to know RRMR better
Radio Roeien Met Riemen claims the subtitle ‘non-hierarchical, decentralized and inclusive radio station where everything can be broadcasted’. Without a doubt they’ll confirm that statement during Night Shift, as they move their arena to De Studio’s Salon where they welcome plenty of cowboys and cowgirls. Hop on the ride of your life during their twelve-hour-long rodeo! With Alix De Jonge, Alberto Cattani, Dylan Belgrado, Gerard Herman, Jannes Snyers, Jules Labath, DJ Thottie, Lieven Martens, Mats Wosky, Maya Dhondt, Pieter-Jan Verheyen, Sarah Buniowski, Simon Delobel, Simon Van Honacker, Toon Bossuyt…