Nikolas Lestaeghe

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Amusement park in progress
Trained as a theatre maker, Nikolas Lestaeghe currently builds his very own amusement park. To a certain degree it’s a never-ending magnum opus, an insatiable search for what he can do with his adrenaline. Because Lestaeghe notices fire escapes everywhere with specific lighting systems. Because he can’t board a train after the final whistle. Because he’s not allowed to build a slide through his window. That’s why the Brussels-based artist decided to design his own amusement park, without inspection and with a slight chance of accidents. As he keeps on expanding it, the park is stuck in eternal development – and will be partially open to the public.
Lestaeghe also participated in the Night Shift-edition at Beursschouwburg. With My Brothers From Other Mothers he sets up an audio guide and several installations in order to deconstruct the comfy idea of going to a pub. He decomposes, construes and analyses the usage and abuse of alcohol in our society, starting from his very own intimate surroundings: his brothers.