Leon de Bruijne

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Quick Sand
The installations created by visual artist Leon de Bruijne centralize movement. Everyday objects are confronted with electromotors, ventilators, pneumatic cylinders and other technologies. This combination produces alienating and absurdist images and consequently reimagines our relation to objects and technology. The installations’ nature varies from explosive and destructive to repetitive and hypnotizing. De Bruijne considers erosion as an interesting process. Rubbing one material to another leads to one of them disappearing in the end, being turned into a pile of dust.
De Bruijne also participated in the Night Shift-edition at Beursschouwburg. His works are without a doubt a constant exploration of the sense and senselessness of diverse objects, always in a kind of kinetic installation which elevates daily routines. For this 12-hour long event he creates sculptures made out of a heap of waste and garbage materials. All those trashy bits and refused pieces are wrapped by an excessive amount of plastic, resulting in a brand new looking, automatically produced sculpture ready to be exhibited right away.