Berk Duygen

Interactive installation, performance
Get to know Berk better

Shifting at 25 km/art hour
Visual artist Berk Duygen introduces you to the current Zeitgeist of The Hague by curating a temporary micro-initiative represented by six distinctive artists (Yair Callender, Afra Eismaa, Christian Thomsen, Sam Andrea and Trijntje Noske). Experience art* on the move at 25 km per hour and jump on the hand-crafted Limozine to enjoy a wild, artistic tour in and around De Studio (16:00-22:30). Cherry on the cake is the Art Auction (23:00-23:30), which in the end designs its own deviant economic system, controlled by the input of the participating artists and the audience. Afterwards, the Limozine joins us on stage. Perfect timing for plenty of selfies!
*Your art may vary.