Nienke Baeckelandt

Installation, performative installation
Get to know Nienke better

Visual artist Nienke Baeckelandt tackles the (side)tracks of images which generate a stream of information and by-products. Through the visual conservation of certain moments or movements, three-dimensional actions are often translated to two-dimensional matter – or in other words: a game of constantly giving and denying information. It’s those moments of intensity and concentration that define her work or the result she’s looking for. In that fashion, Baeckelandt explores the boundaries of all the possible relations between the audience, the objects in a space and the space itself.
Baeckelandt also participated in the Night Shift-edition at Beursschouwburg, where she was working on Moving Boxes. Her works are often results from concentrations of certain intensive moments – something one might’ve noticed during HOOGTIJlaagtij, the 10-day festival at Gouvernement during Gentse Feesten 2017. Baeckelandt shifts between offering and denying information, leaving the public with uncertainty. Aesthetics also play an important yet capricious role in her works, such as in Moving boxes. In that particular work she fills a room with fallen boxes, about every ten minutes, and then empties it again. The dices decide how the room is filled and how freedom is given to or taken from us.