Reinout Dewulf

residency, Konnektor

Part of the Konnektor-project

An artist, developer and driving force of imagination, Reinout Dewulf conceives ideas, concepts and project in order to exhilirate or improve both humanity and society. More than anyting else, he wishes to connect people using artistic project as the binding agent. Driven by doing things together, setting them in motion or instigating them, he shakes and moves every situation. He’s a true master in self-immersion in little known areas before getting started with the unexplored contexts. He keeps all of his ideas on his phone and in drawings, or scribbles them down on crumpled papers – as to carefully ripen each idea while saving it for the right moment. Ever since his graduation in Autonomous Design at KASK Ghent, Dewulf has been active at Minus One and as an artist for several other organisations.
Dewulf’s main investigation starts with ‘What if we build a new electricity plant anno 2020?’ Far away from the idea of a stone-and-masonry monument, it involves a more illusory energy research. During his residency he finishes his preliminary plans for his in-depth research – which unravels rather vertically. He prepares the places where the scissor-lift operations can be held, and even makes a trial run on the square right in front of Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge’s recently established Buurt’punt. He invites inhabitants for a free panoramic overview of their environment and takes the opportunity to start a conversation. By the end of the year he returns to the neighbourhood. This time to work with the clients of OBRA|BAKEN as part of the ateliers-trajectory. The nature of his research is still the same: maximising all of the social energy and interhuman electricity.