Menzo Kircz & Eleonore Van Godtsenhoven

residency, Konnektor

Part of the Konnektor-project

Besides having graduated at KASK & Conservatorium Ghent’s Drama departement, Menzo Kircz & Eleonore Van Godtsenhoven have plenty more in common: a fascination for the imagination behind the seemingly worthless and the playground between history and fiction. The upcoming show ‘Happiness’ with collective Camping Sunset aside, both theatre makers are currently working on the long-term project ‘Residu Local’. As self-proclaimed bad archeologists, they cultivate and concoct abandoned artifacts, from everyday subjects and memories of a local resident, to a message on the wall and everything else in between. 
Kircz and Van Godtsenhoven proceed their long-term project while residing in Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge. They collect objects and stories that characterise the transformation of the remarkable area. Not only do they untangle the layers of the surroundings and historical remnants, they also search for intersections in which fiction can sneak in. The researched material is then clustered in a performative display, as to make ‘Residu Local’ reconstruct and rebuild the place again.
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