residency, Konnektor

Part of the Konnektor-project

A multidisciplinary bustling hub in the heart of the Rabot neighbourhood in Ghent, Manoeuvre offers a co-creative arts practice with local residents, neighbours, artists, makers and thinkers. The organisation invites visual artists for residencies in their space, so they can collectively work together and create e.g. collaboration models and a collective oeuvre as part of the atelier’s spirit. Both in their space and outside the studio walls, Manoeuvre stimulates co-creations with others who happen to encounter each other. For their KONNEKTOR-residency, Manoeuvre draws the line from Nieuw Gent to Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge. This summer, they fabricate a so-called camping gate, which they transfer from one place to another. Once arrived in the transitional area, in a neighbourhood or another place nearby, the gate is officially named Camping Oxygene. It’s a campsite without facilities, it’s a grassy field, it’s the ideal destination near home. Everyone is invited to sojourn and explore the campsite without boundaries. From there on, Manoeuvre searches for the invisible knowledge and the undiscovered ability. Camping Oxygene stems from the imagination of Chris Rotsaert, Gulseren Mostafova, Does Vandousselaere, Edibe Filiz and Elien Ronse. “We work with shortage and abundance, being alone or together, sleeping during the night or taking a quick siesta, doing absolutely nothing or hard work.