Inauguration 'Electric Servant' - Bart Spitaels

Inauguration, Konnektor

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In the beginning of summer the brick wall of OC De Burggrave transformed into a canvas for the work Electric Servant. Inspired by the circuit plans of the power plant in relation to the surrounding greenery of the park artist Bart Spitaels imagines a colourful interplay of lines. The mural refers to industrial heritage, the relationship between humans and their environment and the energy still present in the neighbourhood. Discover this landmark from nearby or from afar in the Koppelingsgebied Langerbrugge-Zuid!

Your visit to the inauguration:
Inauguration Electric Servant takes place on Sunday september 12th, from 10:00 tot 12:00 in OC De Burggrave, Grovermansdreef 38, 9940 Evergem in the context of Open Monumentendag.
On this day several activities take place in Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge in collaboration with Gemeente Evergem, GO! Kunstenacademie Evergem en Buurt’punt Den Hannekesnest:
• Plechtige heropening van de velodroom te Langerbrugge door Werkzaamheden der Maand in het Koppelingsgebied te Langerbrugge-Zuid
• Opening OBRA|BAKEN & Konnektor Ateliers – Tentoonstelling in Buurt’punt Den Hannekesnest
• Opendeurdag van GO! Kunstacademie Evergem in de werkplek
• Erfgoedwandeling door Cultuurraad Evergem
• Rommel- en ambiance markt in Buurt’punt Den Hannekesnest met infomoment Mission Dhuicque door Edwin Stolk
• Openluchttentoonstelling ON THE GO! door GO! Kunstenacademie Evergem
Special thanks to Peter and Nancy of OC De Burggrave, Jonas Nachtergaele of BLANCO, Rose Moens and the pupils of GO! Kunstacademie Evergem and Rudi Deman for the circuit plans. Electric Servant is a co-production of BLANCO and Konnektor.