Grondtoestand - Pim Cornelussen

audio walk, Konnektor

Part of the Konnektor-project

Fascinated by the role and history of energy, Cornelussen dedicates his residency to the project ‘Grondtoestand’. For him, energy is of all ages: it existed long before humankind, before the formation of earth and even before the creation of the Milky Way. At the dawn of time, it exploded together with time, space and matter. But how do we connect this big bang to our never-ceasing longing for energy? For ‘Grondtoestand’, Cornelussen develops a captivating audio guide taking you through the transitional area Langerbrugge-Zuid. Facing the electricity plant which illuminated the area for nearly a century, you hear the dismantling of different cycle – from energy to ecology – during your walk. A small map accompanies you through the different networks in and around the area. How one makes the other possible – in the end, aren’t we all part of the bigger picture, even without fully knowing?
“Alle resistance can be overcome by energy.” – Alexander von Humboldt
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