[Event] Institutionalising dance practices

@ Bits of Dance 2024

BREAKFASTCLUB is a meeting with an artistic proposal and with each other at an unusual time. In that extraordinary energy, other ways of sharing, looking and experiencing become possible. Gouvernement’s concept combines moments of presentation by artists with a moderated public conversation about the themes evoked by the works on display.

Today, Belgian scenes feature an extraordinary amount of (dance) material that originated elsewhere. We see dance forms, references and aesthetics that we know from the club, from the street or from religious and spiritual contexts. How and why do these end up on stage? How do makers translate them into institutional contexts and what are possible pitfalls in doing so?

In the context of BITS OF DANCE, we focus on the travel of (dance) material to the stage. Joshua Serafin shows the video Creation Paradigm Excerpt which is part of their performance VOID, in which a god(s) is born again and again. Then dancer and performer Jhaya Caupenne, active both in the ballroom scene and on the big scenes with Nadia Beugré and others, shares a short performance.

Inspired by these two interventions and the questions that prompted the BREAKFASTCLUB, we engage in a conversation together under the expert guidance of Joffrey Anane.



Lauren Borremans, Vincent Focquet, Marie Umuhoza en Nele Keukelier


Joshua Serafin, Jhaya Caupenne en Joffrey Anane.




KAAP, VIERNULVIER, STUK, Campo, De Studio, Het Theaterfestival, Rekto:Verso, Universiteit Gent en De Vlaamse Gemeenschap


29 februari 2024 om 14 uur

KORF (Naaldenstraat, 8000 Brugge)